What to do if difficult to feed child medicine?

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What to do if difficult to feed child medicine? was created by wqb_mipp

Today, I went out of the clinic to receive a child with bronchitis. When the child's grandmother came in, she asked me to give him an injection. And said the child is too naughty, so he doesn't take medicine, the injection is better for him. I suggested they to go home and take medication. As soon as the grandmother heard that, she was very excited and said: 'Oh, doctor, let's get an injection, if the child does not take medicine, two or three people can't fee him!' I smiled and pretended to be helpless and said: ' If it is impossible, just feed him with four or five people.' Later when another child's father heard the words, he laughed: 'It is not wrong for the doctor to say, if two or three people can't feed him, then four or five people will have to feed!' The child's grandmother laughed when she heard it, and she didn't worry anymore, and said:' This young doctor is really interesting! Hurry up and tell me how all of you feed child medicine...' So the question is, how do you give medicine to your child?
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